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Los osuna vinata hiking tequila mazatlan

Hiking makes you happy, “improve your mood, decrease your anxiety and even improve your memory.” According to this 2014 Stanford University study, quoted in the LA Times., we can say that Mazatlán does the same. In here you can find all kind of hiking trails, from your own private beach and secret historical roads in the tropical forest to natural reserves and emblematic landmarks as the lighthouse.

Hiking trail to escape from the tourist crowds in Mazatlán:

– Vinata Los Osuna (tequila factory):

Buried deep in the land of Vinata Los Osuna,  140 year old tequila factory and surrounded by the vegetation of the tropical deciduous forest. A former underground tequila distillery it’s one of Mazatlan’s last remaining secret spots.

Vinata Los Osuna hides one of Mazatlan’s last remaining secret spots. A former clandestine tequila distillery that it’s buried deep in the land of a 140 years old tequila factory and surrounded by the vegetation of the tropical deciduous forest

This hiking

In this adventure, you’ll be hiking towards the ruins of the underground distillery through agave plantations and paths used by the factory workers over a hundred years ago. While you experience being in the quietness of the forest, contemplate it’s flora and fauna. Learn from your local leader about the tequila, nature and lifestyle of the countryside towns.

After the stimulating workout, we will be visiting Los Osuna Tequila Factory and learn about their artisanal process and relax under the shade of a beautiful Huanacaxtle tree, tasting one of the best tequilas.

Explore the history of the tequila in Sinaloa through a hike in the off beaten paths inside the tropical deciduous forest, the agave plantations, and the secluded ruins of a former distillery.
If we are lucky, you will get to have a close encounter with the fauna, such as, white-tailed deers, wild boars, black-throated Magpie-Jay, and the west mexican chachalaca.

How to get there by yourself
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