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The many colours of Centro Histórico/ Los muchos colores del Centro Histórico

Arte urbano en Mazatlan  A los que nos toco crecer alrededor del centro histórico de Mazatlan en los 90´s nos toco ver un sin fin de edificios antiguos abandonados, cuadras completas dejadas a la deriva sufriendo el embate del tiempo … Read More

Mazatlan Origins

El misterio de la fundación de Mazatlan “Una mentira repetida mil veces se convierte en una verdad” esta palabras de Joseph Goebbels aunque dichas en un contexto bastante truculento (solo busca su nombre en google y verás a lo que … Read More

Mazatlan post Covid-19

Changing paradigms For the past 4 months the world has been turn upside down due to the COVID 19 pandemic and for obvious reason the tourism industry is struggling worldwide affecting millions of workers that has suddenly lost their livelihood. … Read More

The Olive Ridley Sea Turtle, a survival story /Tortuga golfina , una historia de supervivencia

Survivors on a half shell   Sea turtles are miraculous. First, they’ve been around since the late Jurassic, roughly 150 million years ago. Cohorts of the dinosaurs, sea turtles have survived through the challenges of eons, existing still today, where many others have ended their evolutionary … Read More

Here comes the Coco / Ahí vine el Coco

The tropical super fruit  Did you know that we have our own version of the boogeyman? Indeed we do, we call it “El Coco” but wait a minute isn’t that the Spanish word for coconut? You may ask, well you … Read More

Mazatlan’s heart and soul: Don Severo

Severo Acosta Aragón I hope you have had the chance to experience rural Mexico, if you have you will agree with me that the hospitality and warmness they display is beyond compare, always willing to open their home to other … Read More

A safe place for the Olive Ridley sea turtle / Un Refugio para la Tortuga Golfina

Protecting chelonians since 1975 Besides being in Central America, what does México, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panamá have in common? All these countries have shores where the Olive Ridley sea turtle likes to lay their eggs and there are Turtle … Read More

Biking and whaling / Una ballena para el calor

No, it’s not what you are thinking, we don’t eat or hunt whales in Mazatlán, we call Ballenas (Spanish for whale) the one litter bottles of Pacifico beer, and people often go drink one of these somewhere in Olas Altas … Read More

Mazatlan’s heart and soul: Doña Carolina

Fresh from the oven straight to the hearth  Human memory is truly fascinating, and specifically our olfactory memory, some studies affirm that smells are usually related with early memories prior to the age of ten, this memories are vivid and … Read More

Chasing The Blue Agave Trail / Siguiendo los pasos del Agave Azul

Exploring an old and abandone clandestine Mezcal factory    Perhaps you have noticed a plaque at hotel Belmar’s entrance In Olas Altas bay, where you can read the story of Governor Rodolfo T. Loaiza’s assassination on February 21th 1944 during … Read More