COVID, gift cards y virtual tours!

If you have taken a tour with us you know that our main strength is you, the people who decide to visit our land and choose us as their local leaders to listen, share and get to know the true Magic Mexico. Really, you are our driving force to continue sharing our passion for Mazatlán and we don’t want to stop doing it ever, much less in the near future.

Unfortunately, we are living through difficult times in the international tourism industry and we do not believe that we can last long enough without your support. Therefore, we are offering gift cards with open dates for when you decide to return to Mazatlán, which are also entitled to an additional 10% discount on the total amount of the tour.

If you already have a tour scheduled with us, please do not cancel, we can gladly schedule it for when you decide to return (we know that you will come sooner rather than later). And since we do not want you to be left without knowing Mazatlán with our incredible team, we will make a streaming service to offer a virtual tour of Mazatlán. We will agree with you so that the streaming is at a time that suits you well and in the worst case we will send the personalized video to your email.

As we started this email, the most important thing about Blue Foot is our community, there will be no words to show you how much we thank you for the support.


The Blue Foot Team

The Blue Foot Tribe