Best Hiking Trails in Mazatlán


If hiking makes you happy, improves your mood, decreases your anxiety, makes you feel less stressed and improves your memory, we can say that Mazatlán does the same to you. In here you will find all kind of hiking trails, from your own private beach and secret trails in the tropical forest to natural reserves and emblematic landmarks as the lighthouse.

4 hiking trails to work out on vacations while you explore and escape from the daily routine:



1. Estero del Yugo

Estero del Yugo Mazatlan hiking
Estero del Yugo, Mazatlán.


Estero del Yugo, considered as a natural reserve dedicated to the preservation of the local flora and fauna, meets all of the ingredients for nature lovers, bird watchers, and adventurers seeking for wildlife encounters and for a relaxing hike in the woods.

Located in the Cerritos area, across the road from Playa Bruja, this preserve contains two lagoons (freshwater and saltwater), more than 8 hectares of tropical deciduous forest, and miles of coastline. Along with a bird watching hut and a research center (CIAD).

It is estimated that there are at least 216 different species of birds, 8 of mammals, 5 of reptiles and 4 of amphibians, totaling approximately 233 types of animals.

The entrance is at CIAD and they charge you $5 USD for the improvement, maintenance, and care of the reserve.



2. El Faro

El faro mazatlan cerro creston hiking
El faro, Mazatlán.


Located at the summit of a former island named “El Crestón”, it is considered as one of the highest working natural lighthouses in the world, and when we say natural, we really mean it! Trails surrounded by the flora and fauna of the tropical deciduous forest with breathtaking sights of the estuaries, mangroves, the port, the Stone Island and its coconut plantations and the impressive Pacific Ocean.

Although it measures 157 meters it’s an easy and enjoyable hike. A cobbled path and a section of pavemented steps will take you to the top in 30 minutes. Once there, it’s time to contemplate the incredible view, relax, meditate and take the best panoramic pictures of Mazatlán.

Last but not least, the lighthouse has a new attraction: A glass bridge that makes you feel like a bird flying against the wind and the ocean breeze.

To get to the lighthouse is really easy, whether by bike, walking, bus, taxi or your own car. You just have to head south of the peninsula of Mazatlán, to the end of the Cap. Joel Montes Camarena street. There isn’t a cost of entry but the glass bridge entrance costs $5 MXN.



3. Cerro de Los Chivos

cerro de los chivos hiking
Cerro de los Chivos, Mazatlán.


This former island that is now connected to Stone Island by a jetty, it´s one of the most unexplored spots in town. Cerro de Los Chivos is an alternative for the adventurers that don’t want to go to the lighthouse (El Faro) and do the touristic and common stuff.

From this summit, you have a great view of the port, Stone Island and its coconut plantations, the city, the estuaries, the mountains, etc. That is to say all of Mazatlán from an amazing perspective.

What makes this hiking also different it’s that on the way up you will find yourself with friendly goats chilling between an outstanding ecosystem and breathtaking views.

To get here you just have to take a boat ride from Playa Sur dock, take to the right and walk 5 minutes towards the hill. An adventure that not many tourists have done it!



4. Deer Island

Isla Venados Mazatlan hiking


Picture this: You and your friends, family or couple catching a boat ride or sailing on a Hobie Cat to a green as a broccoli tropical island. Landing on white sand and making your way through awesome nature to get to the top of it and admire the entire city of Mazatlán. Stopping at the lookouts and watching through the blue ocean its seabed and its rocks, sea life and currents.

Let’s say no more and dare to have the most delightful day of your life! The only way getting there is by any kind of boat, kayaking, a paddle board, or whatever that floats. We recommend you to rent a kayak or take a water taxi at Hotel Royal Villas is not expensive and it’s 



We suggest you to bring a backpack, snacks, sunblock, water, and a trash bag to take your waste with you.

If you need further information we will be very happy to help you and will be our pleasure to give you the best recommendations according to your likes. You can find us at our website online chat or at



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